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Written Out of History

Title: Written Out of History

Client: Simolab Production

Type of work: educational documentary

Description:  Max Carocci and Simona Piantieri produced a short documentary about the forgotten legacy of Native American slavery told by indigenous scholars and anthropologists. Originally shot on location in North America, Europe, and the Caribbean, this short documentary reconstructs for the first time on camera the events that led to the erasure of indigenous forced labour from the annals of history.

Shown at:  2011- Humanity Explored Film Festival (Australia-India) 2011- Portobello Film Festival (London, UK) 2011- Native Spirit Festival (London, UK) 2011- Viscult Festival (Finland) 2012- Indianer Inuit Film Festival (Germany)

Credits: Script: Max Carocci Photography: Simona Piantieri Editing: Simona Piantieri Drawings: Max Carocci Motion: Mara Colombo Music and Sound: Adriano Dragotta Poem: Beth Brandt Voice over: Iliana Flade


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