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Simolab is an independent audiovisual company located in central London. Founded by visual artist Simona Piantieri, Simolab advocates the power of audiovisual environments, from immersive AV installations to short documentaries, promo videos, motion graphics, photography, sound and much more.

We create innovative AV solutions via a production process that embraces contemporary visual language and maintains an educational and creative narrative. Simolab has attracted a number of leading clients, particularly from the art and cultural sectors.

The studio is constituted by a team of professionals who work collaboratively or individually depending on the size and the requirements of each project.

Our differences and expertise contribute to generating new ideas and approaches to AV environments in both the cultural and commercial sectors.

What we can do for you

Narrative Environments
AV immersive installations
Video making
Motion Graphic
Graphic Design
Oral History
Anthropological Consultancy


We are committed to professional and reliable delivery of our work.


We strongly believe in developing a unique rapport with each of our clients based on mutual trust and creative input.


We are always open to new challenges and consider any new opportunity a chance to test our different capabilities and artistic approaches.

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