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The Old Operating Theatre

Title: The Journey of Blood

Client: The Old Operating Theatre

Type of work: community project

Description: Simona Piantieri and Shaun Levin run a series of workshop about filming and creative writing. The project involved 10 young writers of the community to write, film and be inspired by the Museum collections. A Film commissioned by the Old Operating Theater, Museum and Herb Garret as part of the 'Medicine at the Movies' project coordinated by the UK Medical Collections Group and funded by the Learning Revolution Transformation Fund.

Shown at: 2010 - The Old Operating Theatre

Credits: Creative Direction: Simona Piantieri Project management: Shaun Levin and Kevin Flude Photography: Simona Piantieri Editing: Simona Piantieri Motion Graphic: Georgina Ferguson Script editing: Shaun Levin

Film script written by: 10 Creative writers (***full credits at the end of the video)


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