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The Museum of London

Title: Imaginative Cityscape

Client: The Museum of London

Type of work: 3 screen immersive video installation

Description: Simona Piantieri and Mara Colombo produced a three screen video installation for 'Dickens and London' Exhibition. These projections are inspired by one of Dickens’s Sketches by Boz – ‘The Streets – Night’. Victorian photographs by the Museum collections are reinterpreted and used to build the appearance and character of Victorian London. People and places are encountered just as Dickens might have seen them or imagined them as he made his night time-walk through the streets of the capital.

Shown at: 2012 - The Museum of London for the 'Dickens and London' Exhibition

Credits: Project management / Photography: Simona Piantieri Art Direction / Motion Graphic / Editing: Mara Colombo Music and Sound: Jo Hutton


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