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No1 Royal Crescent

Title: No1 Royal Crescent

Video Title: Voices from the Crescent

Client: Bath Preservation Trust

Type of work:Video / Sound Installation / Virtual Tour on iPad / Mobile App

Description: Simona Piantieri and Mara Colombo won a tender for a multimedia project at No. 1 Royal Crescent in Bath. We were asked to produce a video for the museum's intro room, 3 on site sound installation, a Mobile App and a tablet Digital Interactive tour for disabled visitors.

Year: 2013

Credits:Project: Simona Piantieri and Mara Colombo

Filming / Photography / Project Management: Simona Piantieri

Art Direction / Graphic Design / Video and Motion Design: Mara Colombo

Video Script:Des Waddy

Illustrator: Adrian Teal

Sound Design/ Music:Jo Hutton

Video Production Assistants:Alex Byrne and Lucio C. Casellato

Mobile Apps developer:Lorenzo Picchi

Mobile App consultant:Paolo Denti


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